My name is Dana. my hometown still doesn't have a stoplight and I truly hope it stays that way. I'm a born singer and a not so born guitarist. Oh well. I love to collect mugs. I knit scarves. I'm very forgetful when it comes to people. please don't take offense. just realize I'm a dodo when it comes to that and it will probably take me 10 times to finally get it right.

I love the peace and quiet falling asleep to crickets and peepers on a summer's eve. I also love being close enough to big cities to soak up as much culture as I can under those brilliant city lights! I love skylines. I really love trees. I'm a summer girl but I love every season too. I love being outside even though I'm a girly girl...being both is possible! I love my family and friends although right now a lot of them are too far away from me.

I love eating healthy foods but I have a sweet tooth and snowballs from Summer's snowball stand. I set goals for myself and keep everything I love as close to me as I can. I've lived in a beachtown, huuuuge city and small town. I used to wear my heart on my sleeve and I think my music reflects that. But not so much anymore because I've lived some more and I've learned some more...and I know it's for the best. I truly believe that "love is all you need" and I live my life by that.